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And then our fight led to anal
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And then our fight led to anal

20m53 November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023

Antonia has been my best friend since forever. We always shared our conquests with each other, all those hot hook up stories down to every little dirty detail. She has been experimenting with dating other women lately, and well... I crossed an unspoken line. I hooked up with two of her ex-girlfriends, and now Antonia is so pissed at me. But hey, her exes made a move on me, and who am I to refuse gorgeous women...? Antonia is now here in my house with fire in her eyes, and when I tell her that her exes wanted to take revenge on her for dumping them by hooking up with me, she quickly changes her tone. Her fingers are already working me up, and it's not long from that moment that we are having wild anal sex on the couch. I hope our friendship will last forever!

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