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Lilu Seduces Her Sexologist
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Lilu Seduces Her Sexologist

21m10 February 05, 2024
February 05, 2024

​Lilu Moon is not only your long-time client but also your good friend. A woman you have always had a huge crush on. Lilu needs your advice and help again with the usual - her stupid husband being a jerk again. What keeps Lilu still by that man's side then? Turns out Lilu loves having sex with him, claiming him to be the best in bed... Although she wouldn't be against her sexologist and best friend to prove her wrong. Are you ready to show Lilu how anal sex is done? Can you make your petite, hungry body tremble by multiple, incredible orgasms? Make her feel so spent, she won't even consider staying with her idiot husband.​

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